Things to Know About Winter Landscaping

Spring is a busy time for DIYers, tree service companies Great Falls, and landscapers as well. However, why won’t they just utilize the downtime that the winter season gives and put the foundation for several seasons to come? Just because the weather is drab and it’s snowing does not mean that your winter landscaping needs to be one. Unfortunately, winter landscaping is sometimes neglected by homeowners without realizing that this is downright needed. Keep on reading below to know more about winter landscaping.  

Watch the salt 

If you’re handling ice on the pavement, ice melt salt would do great. However, did you know that this salt can actually result in actual issues for your plants? Once the ice melt and snow dissolve the salt, it’ll end up soaking into the soil. From there, your grass and plants will soak up the salt into their roots. If this happens, you can kill them and will cause your soil’s PH levels to be imbalanced. To put it simply, it can cause bald spots as it guarantees that nothing will grow back in that area once more. Because of that, it’s only best to utilize ice melt if you have to and sparingly do so close to your landscaping or grass.  

Thin and Prune 

What appears to be flexible, strong branches during the summer season can immediately turn to brittle, weak branches once the winter season comes. Once a limb or branch gets encased and covered with snow and ice, it could split or snap under the added pressure and weight. Before getting on the winter, guarantee that you assess and check your trees and look for any branches or limbs that need to be cleared out.  

You should also remove deadwood and any parts that appear to be developing extremely densely. Too much growth can’t just promote fungus and rot and stop airflow, but they can buildup plenty of snow during the winter season. The more snow your tree will collect, the more likely it will get harmed.  

It’s vital to hire expert tree removal companies to do the diagnosis of your tree and to verify whether the right limbs should be targeted for pruning. Moreover, it’s vital to get a tree expert to deal with the pruning.  

Routine Care  

Regardless if it is cold, that does not imply that your plants do not become thirsty eventually. So, even during the winter season, you should never forget to water your plants. Moreover, covering your plants during the most extreme times will help them to be kept protected from blistering wind and ice. You can always utilize a plastic bag to cover your plants. However, they are not sufficiently permeable to let them have enough airflow, which could result in rot or fungus. Rather than utilizing something such as burlap, it’s pretty breathable to allow proper airflow and durable enough to endure to the elements.  

Tree species to plant this winter 

Winter landscaping does not need to be filled with trees without leaves. Some of the options that can help improve your yard even during the snow season include berries and evergreens. 

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